It is quite stunning that most home owners in Utah and the country at large remain unaware of their water sources. If you are like most, you probably think the water running from your tap is the same everywhere, right? Wrong. About 85% of homes in America are piped to a hard water source and while this isn’t bad for your health, you may be missing out on some pretty nifty perks.

The bottom line here is, the excess minerals found in hard water may just be the reason why you spend so much on plumbing bills. The water is simply rough on your appliances and comprehensive plumbing system – fret not, though. Fortunately, you can always invest in a quality water softener to tackle the issue.

For those in the dark, water softeners are designed to filter hard water before it can wreck havoc, meaning you can always be guaranteed of clean, soft water on demand – free from harmful debris and minerals. If you think that’s it, here are some other solid reasons why you need Orem Provo Utah Soft Water services to hook you up with a water softener.

Why You Should Invest in a Reliable Water Softener in Utah:

Generally speaking, soft water is preferred for its desirable taste and distinct ability to quench thirst in just one sip. It is for this sole reason that most home owners find it mandatory to invest in a water softening system, but there’s more. Read on to find out.

#1. No More Clogged Pipes

Regardless of how expensive your plumbing may be, it will always remain prone to buildup of mineral deposits as long as you are connected to a hard water source. In short, you can expect the pipes to become clogged over time and hence explaining your slow drainage problem. If you think that’s bad, how about the risk of extensive water damage emanating from corroded or burst pipes? Well, investing in a water softener will greatly reduce the possibility of water-related disasters by keeping your plumbing system in optimal condition.

#2. Kiss Goodbye the Stains

How embarrassing can it get than serving guests with dishes filled with white streaks or residue? Well, this is a possibility if you are connected to a hard water source. Regardless of how careful you are while washing the dishes or glasses, the white residue will always appear once they get dry. The only way to get rid of such stains and stubborn deposits is by ensuring the residue is dealt with way before finding its way onto your glassware – water softener, period.

#3. Dealing With the Soap Scum, Scam

Wondering why your sinks, showers and tubs are always dirty or filled with soap scum? Blame it on the hard water. By installing a water softener at home, you can be guaranteed of reduced soap scum buildup and hence, a cleaner bathroom or kitchen space. To ice the cake, shampoo and soap will lather better with soft water, meaning they last longer and save you some extra bucks while at it.

#4. Extended Lifespan of Appliances

It is worth noting that your washing machine, coffee maker and dishwasher – just to name a few – are all prone to breakdowns if you depend on a hard water source. In short, you have a reason to worry as unfiltered water will slowly build a layer of grime in your appliance until eventually it breaks down completely. Increase the lifespan of your water-oriented appliances by letting Orem Provo Utah Soft Water suppliers install a reliable water softening system.

#5. Fast Water Heating

If you are wondering why it takes ages for your water heater to do its thing, well, don’t blame the appliance. According to research, hard water reduces the efficiency of water heating systems by a whopping 30%. As if that’s not enough, you’ll have to replace your heater after a while due to the grime buildup known to damage such appliances – read above. In a nutshell, hiring a reliable soft water company should guarantee reduced energy bills and repair costs in the long run.

#6. Silky Hair and Smooth Skin?

If you’ve ever use hard water to bathe, you are likely aware of the uncomfortable feeling you get on your skin after leaving the shower. Not only this, you’ll notice how coarse and grimy the hair feels as you wipe it down. To break it down for you, the grimy effect comes about as a result of excessive iron and calcium trapped on your body and hair. The only way to preserve your skin, besides enhancing silky hair is by making sure these minerals are dealt with way before the water finds its way through your shower. It all begins with finding the right soft water service to get you filtered.

#7. Cleaner and Softer Fabrics

Rough fabrics can be a bummer on your soft skin. In fact, a rough shirt can single-handedly ruin your whole day by simply making you feel uneasy while working. Generally speaking, your clothes can be much softer without having hard minerals trapped inside. Moreover, your white fabrics stay white and last long with soft water, meaning you don’t have to worry about the dingy grey stain caused by hard water.

#8. Saving the Planet

Did you know that installing a water softener can significantly reduce your carbon footprint? Well, now you do. Installing a reliable soft water system at home reduces greenhouses gases to fulfilling extents – the equivalent of removing one SUV from the road.

Why Choose Us to Install or Repair Your Water Softener?

At Orem Provo Utah Soft Water Company, we take pride in supplying clean, soft water for residents. Our staff comprises of highly qualified technicians in the niche trained to provide top-notch services regardless of how big or small the task is. If you are thinking about switching to soft water for the benefits listed above, we are your safest bet in and around Utah. Give us a call today to realize the benefits pegged to using clean, soft water for your day-to-day life.

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